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Why do you show ads / content recommendations in Wikiwand?

As you may have noticed, we show ads and content recommendations next to Wikiwand articles.

Wikipedia is making money by repetitively pleading users to donate money, as can be seen here:

While we respect that approach, we know that:
1. The vast majority of people don't like paying to consume content on the web
2. There are far better ways to make money than to nag users for donations

We do our best so the ads / recommendations won't affect the reading experience in Wikiwand, and consistently work to improve them.
And the best part is: you help us simply by using Wikiwand. You don't have to pay a penny.

Earning money is really important so we can improve, grow and expand.
Our revenues are invested into research, design and development, so we can keep providing our users with new innovative products and features for the web and mobile.

30% of Wikiwand's profits are donated to the Wikimedia Foundation, to support Wikipedia.
In fact, if every current Wikipedia user were to use Wikiwand, the Wikipedia's budget would increase several times over!

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